ZUUM Transportation Launches ZUUM BEYOND TMS for Shippers

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ZUUM BEYOND TMS for Business and Enterprise shippers can extend and enhance existing transportation management systems - or work as a complete standalone system. With real-time visibility, workflow automation and connected data flow, ZUUM BEYOND TMS delivers capacity access, actionable intelligence and freight network control beyond traditional TMS capabilities.

Today, logistics technology innovator ZUUM Transportation launched ZUUM BEYOND TMS with ZUUM Business and ZUUM Enterprise, expanding the modular product line of their Logistics Super Platform. ZUUM Business and ZUUM Enterprise combine a freight marketplace and load management system with mobile functionality, providing real-time actionable intelligence, real-time visibility, and digital freight network control. 

A Logistics Tech Trends Report noted that "the TMS market [is] flooded with options — thousands at the last count," but many systems either fail to deliver robust solutions that can manage complex supply chains or offer complicated tools that ignore the shipper's core pain points. FreightWaves recognizes the untapped value ZUUM's technology is bringing to the logistics industry and dubbed ZUUM as part of "the next class" of innovative solutions for the logistics industry. ZUUM was also recently named one of Food Logistics' 2020 FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers.

Isaac Larian, CEO of MGA, acknowledges ZUUM's efforts in pursuing their mission. "ZUUM is a phenomenal partner. From our perspective, in addition to quality capacity, ZUUM has the best logistics and transportation management software available, and the organization has a customer and partner first approach," says Larian.

In his latest interview with FreightWaves, Matt Tabatabai, COO of ZUUM Transportation, "emphasized the need for systems to include value-adding tools in order to help shippers manage their current and future supply chain needs."

ZUUM Business was created to meet the needs of SMB and mid-size shippers. ZUUM Enterprise was designed for organizations looking for better solutions with a relevant feature set and easy usability that can be used in tandem with their existing systems.

The release of ZUUM Business and ZUUM Enterprise will include the following capabilities. 

  • ZUUM Capacity Pro: Users gain immediate access to ZUUM's 11,800 vetted carriers nationwide.
  • Internal Shipper Marketplace: Users can leverage insights and an easy-to-understand user interface to optimize collaboration with their existing logistics partners.
  • Carrier & Broker Onboarding: Easily onboard carriers and brokers so that tendering freight becomes a two-click process that only takes seconds, instead of hours.
  • Carrier & Broker Management: ZUUM Enterprise simplifies administrative tasks, enabling users to better manage their internal freight networks.
  • Instant Smart Pricing: ZUUM's proprietary algorithm provides recommendations for freight rates for a given date and lane.
  • Lane Management: Multiple lanes can be uploaded with an excel document to expedite manual entry. This tool is best utilized when a customer needs to cover shipments for repeated lanes.
  • Reports and Analytics: Basic and advanced reports on shipment activity, freight spend, load details, carrier spend, and carbon footprint. 
  • Smart Dashboards: Customizations to Shipments Dashboards to monitor key metrics more easily.
  • Digital Load Tendering: Users can post their shipment details once and get carrier bids from ZUUM's Capacity Pro and their internal freight network simultaneously.
  • Financial Management: A database and payment module that includes Accounts Payable and Bills.
  • Full Shipment Management: The ability to edit shipment details at any time, manage the assigned carrier, view a detailed tracking page and more.
  • Integrations: ZUUM partners with external enterprise-class TMS systems through an open API to offer modular technology.
  • Deployment: The cloud-based technology allows the fastest deployment in the industry - with no upfront cost.
  • Dynamic RFP: Shippers can create and run multiple RFP events to reduce their tender rejection rate and secure dependable carriers for dedicated lanes.

CEO of ZUUM Transportation Mustafa Azizi highlights ZUUM's efforts to enable opportunities for growth. "This year has brought new challenges and magnified long-standing inefficiencies throughout the industry. But where adversity appears, innovation follows." says Azizi.

ZUUM expects tens of thousands of shippers to take advantage of these products, building a global community where ZUUM can efficiently match capacity to demand across supply chains on one Logistics Super Platform. 

The last round of funding of $8.58 million completed early 2020, for a total raise of $12.58 million, accelerated the company's technology and product development. The release of ZUUM Business and ZUUM Enterprise initiates the expansion of the logistics super platform that is continuing throughout 2021. 

About ZUUM Transportation

ZUUM Transportation, Inc. is a rapidly growing tech startup transforming the logistics industry. The company's vision is to optimize logistics and streamline supply chains globally with one efficient, automated, and easy-to-use super platform. ZUUM combines a digital freight marketplace with a shipper TMS, broker SaaS, carrier TMS, and mobile driver app.


For more information, please visit zuumapp.com.

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